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Story Tree


Guide to the Lakes

“I do not know I was ever so high upon the mountains
on so calm a day"

Story Tree takes you on a literary lied journey through mountains and dinner parties. Two wonderful activities that are hard to come by these days.

House composers Hans Vercauteren & Lente Verelst each wrote a new songcycle, based on William Wordsworth's poetic Guide to the Lakes.


Music: Hans Vercauteren & Lente Verelst


Soprano: Hanne Roos

Actor (the guide)Charles Sobry

Violin: Maximilian Lohse

PianoYasuko Takahashi

- a Story Tree Production in co-production with Evil Penguin -        



This streamed concert will be broadcasted on the 18th of June 2021

from the Nottebohm Hall in The Hendrik Conscience Library.

Tickets and stream on Evil Penguin Tv

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