Story Tree

Schermafbeelding 2020-12-14 om 23.04.07.

Literary Lied

“I do not know I was ever so high upon the mountains
on so calm a day"

Story Tree takes you on a literary journey through mountains and dinner parties. Two wonderful activities that are hard to come by these days.

House composers Hans Vercauteren & Lente Verelst each wrote a songcycle, respectively based on William Wordsworth's poetic Guide to the Lakes and Elizabeth Vassall-Fox's Holland House Dinner Book.


Music: Hans Vercauteren & Lente Verelst


Soprano: Sarah Helena Foubert

Actor (the guide)Charles Sobry

- a Story Tree Production -


This concert will take place at the 4th of March 2021

in The Auditorium Hall of AMWD Mortsel (2640 Mortsel, BELGIUM).

Due to corona restrictions, tickets for the live event are not yet being sold. In case of a non-public performance this concert will be streamed on the Story Tree Youtube Channel and Facebook page.